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Important Advisory to All Sunshine Coast Real Estate Professionals

This advisory also appeared in Real Estate Marketing magazine.

SECHELT, BRITISH COLUMBIA — April 1, 2012 — It has recently come to our attention that many REALTORS® on the Sunshine Coast are using promotional photos in their advertising and on their business cards that are out of date and no longer depict reality.

As a respected profession, it is important that our promotional materials be completely above board and not designed to induce potential buyers and sellers to choose the services of a REALTOR through misrepresentations of physical appearance. This is also important in order to avoid possible prosecution under Part VII.1 of the Competition Act ("Deceptive Marketing Practices"). The Competition Bureau is not our friend and we would prefer not to give them any more opportunities to attack us.

We are, therefore, establishing a simple new rule regarding the use of photos: promotional photos must be no more than 5 years old. For example, you can no longer use your high school graduation photo or your wedding photo on your business cards if these events occurred before 2007. If you are affected, we recommend you buy a fresh new suit or have your hair re-styled and have new photos taken immediately. Ask your managing broker about possible reimbursement. Expenses may also be tax deductible, please consult with your tax accountant.

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in this matter. It will certainly help level the playing field for the younger and more attractive members of the profession and help them survive in these very challenging times. And it will also protect the major investments of those of our more mature members who have undergone costly and painful "botox" and "lift" procedures so they can compete more effectively. So it's a win-win for all age groups.

To assist you in determining whether your photos are acceptable, we provide the attached visual guide.

Not Acceptable
(Photo taken before 2007)

(OK, more recent)

Not Acceptable
(Photo taken before 2007)

(OK, but a bit of a stretch)

Not Acceptable
(For so many reasons)

(OK, but still kind of creepy)

For more information contact Miss April F. Ool at april@luxcentral.com



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This news release is located online at: http://www.GaryLittle.ca/pr-20110926.html